P.06 Property transfer

These procedures detail the checking and labelling of prisoner property before transfer, and minimum clothing and toiletries to be issued to a prisoner transfer.

Property transfer criteria

  1. Prisoner property is transferred at the same time as the prisoner whenever practicable. If this is not possible, property must arrive at the destination prison within 7 days of the prisoner’s arrival.
  2. If a prisoner’s transfer includes multiple stops and also air travel, the prisoner’s property will be transferred directly from the point of origin to the prisoner’s final destination by courier.
  3. Prisoners will not be able to take completed hobbies or any other items that is additional with them if they transfer to another prison, unless approval has been obtained by the prison director of the prison where the prisoner is being transferred to.
  4. Only property recorded on IOMS is transferred to the receiving prison.
  5. Only property items listed under Rules on authorised property under section 45A can be sent to the receiving prison.

P.06.01 Checking prisoner property before transfer

  1. The prisoner’s property is checked against the property register in IOMS.
  2. The prisoner is asked to check the relevant entries in the register and sign a written acknowledgement of the property to be transferred.
  3. When the prisoner is not present while cell property is being moved to another location, two staff must receipt the property list.
  4. If the prisoner’s property does not correspond with the relevant entries in the property register, the matter must be referred to the unit PCO (Refer to POM P.08 Lost or damaged property claim).
  5. All property items must have their status changed to “in transit” on IOMS.

P.06.02 Labelling / numbering property on transfer

  1. The prisoner’s property will be placed inside a secure clear plastic bag, with a copy of the prisoner’s property receipt and the bag sealed closed. The property officer will complete the label on the outside of the bag and place the bag into a secure area ready for transfer.
  2. IOMS produced self-adhesive internal transfer labels, showing the Prisoner Identification and Destination Prison, are attached to each container of a prisoner's property to indicate the destination of the container.
  3. Containers are sequentially numbered, such as 1 of 2, 2 of 2.
  4. Labels are attached to each container with the prisoner’s name and destination of the container.
  5. Containers match the entry on the route sheet. The route sheet is to be noted as to all or only some of the property is accompanying the prisoner and the date the remaining property will be forwarded to the final destination prison.

P.06.03 Television transfer (Revoked)

P.06.04 Television receiving (Revoked)

P.06.05 Property accompanying prisoner(s)

  1. A transferring prisoner must be issued with enough clothing providing him/her with warmth and reasonable comfort during the transfer.
  2. Sufficient toiletries and a change of clothes, including underwear, socks, and t-shirt, must be carried by the transfer vehicle and it made available, at destination or transit stop, to the prisoner.
  3. Corrections vehicles will only carry the approved amount of prisoner property including stored items (such as court or release clothing and valuables), the volume of which is not to exceed two standard plastic containers measuring 500 mm long x 400 mm wide x 300 mm height, and one stereo, per transferring prisoner.
  4. Property must fit “easily” in packing materials; e.g. not to exceed the rim of the boxes.
  5. Packaging if any is to be secured using packaging tape or string.
  6. The weight of each package or box must be no more than what an average person can safely lift (20 kg).
  7. Property under Schedule 1 Property permitted on reception of the Rules on authorised property made under section 45A takes priority but books, magazines, cassettes and compact discs may be sent in limited quantities (enough to cover a period of 7 days, e.g. 2 books; fiction, non-fiction and a Bible).
  8. If all or part of journey is by air the despatching prison is to ensure the weight restriction relating to the type of aircraft used are complied with when property is packed.

P.06.06 Property not accompanying prisoner(s)

  1. The dispatching prison will send any property directly to the final destination prison.
  2. Containers are sequentially numbered, such as 1 of 2, 2 of 2.
  3. Using space on another prisoner transport, if available, is acceptable. But property is not to be carried to a transit prison, unless the transit prison gives consent via a written email through the Reception Manager / PCO of that prison.
  4. If an external transportation agency is used (e.g. Postal Services, or Courier) an IOMS external transfer label (that does not display the prisoner's name) must be used.
  5. Sending prison must notify, by email, to the receiving prison, what further property will be sent later, the information required is: Name and PRN of prisoner(s), number of plastic containers for the prisoner(s), details of how it is being sent (name of carrier / courier and consignment note numbers if known).