P.07 Property release

These procedures cover checking, receipting, packing and handover of prisoner property upon release or discharge of the prisoner, and the disposal of the property of a prisoner who has died in custody.

Property release criteria

  1. These procedures relate only to prisoners who are discharged or released or who have died, but do not relate to prisoners:
    1. on Section 62 release, i.e. temporary release, or temporary removal, or
    2. transferred from one prison to another prison or place.

P.07.01 Checking property before release

  1. Prisoner’s property is to be returned to the prisoner on the day on which the prisoner is discharged or released. Before release:
    1. the prisoner’s property must be checked against the property register
    2. the prisoner must then be asked to check the relevant entries in the register and sign a written receipt for the property to be returned, and
    3. no property may be returned unless the prisoner has signed an appropriate receipt for it.
  2. If, on checking the property against the property register, it is found that a prisoner’s property does not correspond with the relevant entries in the property register, the matter must be referred to the unit PCO. (Refer POM P.08 Lost or damaged property claim).
  3. All prisoner property from the unit that is not for overnight use must be checked against the Property Register on IOMS before release or discharge.
  4. Items must be checked with the prisoner present.
  5. Boxes must be sealed after checking and label clearly.

P.07.02 Receiving Office property release

  1. Property is taken to the receiving office for re-checking before release.
  2. On the day of prisoner release, the prisoner is sent to the receiving office to collect the remainder of his or her property.
  3. The items are handed over to the prisoner on departure.

P.07.03 Death in custody property release

  1. The deceased's personal property must be identified, secured and stored.
  2. The next of kin who is to receive the property must be contacted to collect the property from the prison and to sign a receipt.
  3. Where the next of kin resides outside the prison district, arrangements must be made for the property to be transferred to the nearest prison for handover.
  4. If the next of kin does not wish to take possession of the property, or the property has not been collected within three months of the initial contact date, and repeated reminders have been ignored, the property must be disposed of in accordance with POM P.09 Unclaimed property.