I.05 Prisoner placement

These procedures specify how decisions are to be made on the placement of newly arrived prisoners, and how prisoners are moved from the receiving office to the accommodation unit.

I.05.01 Placement briefing

  1. The on-call manager and custodial systems manager will brief the receiving officer on prisoner placements where appropriate or where the general manager custodial has changed the way in which a particular accommodation unit is to be managed.
  2. The on-call manager, and the reception/movements manager are responsible for the appropriate placement of prisoners, in consultation with the unit PCO.
  3. When determining the placement of a prisoner, staff must:
    1. treat unclassified prisoners as high risk prisoners
    2. where possible, put co-offenders into different units. Where this is not possible, co-offenders will not be celled together. Receiving office staff will identify co-offenders and pass this information on to the accommodation unit
    3. place prisoners in mainstream units in accordance with the current operating practices
    4. if reasonably possible, ensure that difficult to manage prisoners are spread throughout the remaining mainstream units, and are not placed in one unit.
    5. if information is received that indicates that the placement of a particular prisoner in a mainstream unit would be unwise or a risk to the security of the prison, the placement will be determined by the general manager custodial / on-call manager and custodial systems manager.

I.05.02 Placement of youth prisoner

  1. The receiving officer, the reception/movements manager, the custodial systems manager, the prisoner movement coordinator and the unit PCO must ensure that youth (under 18 years of age) are placed in the appropriate unit.
    1. Youth will be identified from the details contained on their Warrants and will be placed in the Youth Unit. It is not appropriate for youth to be placed in the same unit as adult offenders.
    2. Youth who make an application for voluntary segregation are to be segregated from the mainstream youth population. Placement will be dependent on the number of segregated youth held in the prison at any one time.

I.05.03 Initial placement of transgender prisoner

  1. If a prisoner's gender identify is unclear on initial reception or whether the prisoner should be placed in another prison, this must be communicated to the custodial systems manager or on-call manager, who must then make an initial determination as to the prisoners placement using all available information as set out in POM [M.03.05.01 Initial determination of prisoner’s placement].
  2. The custodial systems manager or on-call manager must:
    1. update IOMS with "Transgender" Alert, and
    2. record in the Alerts Comment Box the decision on initial placement and all the information that was available to inform that decision, and
    3. advise the relevant principle corrections officer (PCO) that a Support Plan will need to be completed within three days.

I.05.04 Notification of placement

  1. Upon completion of the placement briefing the receiving officer will inform staff in the relevant units that there are prisoners in the receiving office to be placed in the unit as soon as practicable on the same day as completion of reception procedure for the prisoner. The receiving officer must also notify:
    1. central muster control point
    2. administration support
    3. Health
    4. the kitchen.

I.05.05 Escort prisoner to accommodation unit

  1. Custodial support unit (CSU) staff are responsible for escorting prisoners from the receiving office to the accommodation units.