I.10 Management of transgender prisoners

A trans person is someone whose gender identity (a person’s sense of being a man or a woman or another gender) does not completely align with their assigned sex at birth. The word ‘trans’ is used through these guidelines to describe all people whose gender identity does not match their assigned sex at birth.

A directory of terms relating to gender identity is provided in POM I.10.Res.01 Directory of Terms.

For detailed information see the following:

I.10.01 Principles of management

I.10.02 Reception

I.10.03 Initial personal searches

I.10.04 Property

I.10.05 Initial cell placement

I.10.06 Name and pronouns

I.10.07 Support Plan for Trans Prisoners

I.10.08 Sharing the Support Plan and privacy

I.10.09 Review of Support Plan and use of the 'Transgender' alert