M.02.06 Maximum Security Classification

The process for assessing maximum security and subsequent 6 monthly reviews is designed to ensure only prisoners who genuinely require management as maximum security are transferred to Auckland Prison or Auckland Region Women's Corrections Facility (ARWCF).

The process requires trained staff to answer a series of questions about the prisoner to create an evidence-based proposal for classification to maximum security.

The Chief Custodial Officer (CCO) will consider the recommendation proposal and make the final decision on whether to:

  • classify the prisoner to maximum security and transfer them to Auckland Prison, or ARWCF, or
  • not classify to maximum and instead retain the prisoner at his or her current site.

If a recommendation is not approved, the CCO will provide guidance on an appropriate management plan to safely manage the prisoner at that site or recommend placement at another site.

This process is effectively a formalised and more robust way of what officers are already doing.