M.03.02.02 Prison services standards

  1. Pregnant women are placed in accommodation, which provides unrestricted access to a flush toilet and hand washing facilities and are offered a minimum of the following items:
    1. 1 additional mattress or single hospital grade mattress
    2. 1 additional blanket
    3. either 2 additional pillows or 1 additional pillow and a tri-pillow
    4. pregnancy diet.
    Watch Point Refer to the [Pregnancy Heathcare Pathway]
    for more information relating to healthcare of pregnant women in prison.
  2. Where necessary the prison provides suitable maternity attire for the pregnant woman.
  3. Where necessary the prison provides initial items for a newborn child, including but not limited to clothing, blankets, and other care items.
  4. Pregnant women are encouraged to participate in antenatal and parenting programmes at the appropriate time and supported through their offender plan.
  5. Pregnant women are provided with suitable employment and recreation, which ensures a balance of rest and participation in constructive activities.