M.03.02.04 Temporary removals for women up to 30 weeks pregnant

  1. All pregnant women who are being escorted on temporary removals are subject to the conditions of POM [M.04.05 Temporary removals].
  2. At least one of the escorting officers must be also be a female.
  3. Escorting staff are not to remain in the hospital room unless:
    1. the woman has specified this in her [M.03.02.Form.03 Birth support plan]; or
    2. the woman has requested that they remain; or
    3. health professionals have requested that they remain; or
    4. the risk of escape or other identified risk is unacceptably high.
      In this instance, the prison director will have authorised the escorting staff to remain in the room which will be clearly stated on the [M.04.01.Form.01 Instructions for Escort].

    CO’s / staff member’s will not generally be a support person for a woman.

    In exceptional circumstances, a woman may request CO support through signing [M.03.02 Form.01 Consent for CO presence during medical examination]. (Refer M.03.02.03 Support people).

    Consent to have a CO as a support person can be withdrawn at any time. Alternatively, she may request the CO remain as a support person for the appointment / labour and/or birth.

    The CO must record this in their notebook and request that medical personnel also note this in their records.

  4. Any identified risk while in the hospital can be minimised using the current risk assessment process, assessing the environment for risk of escape or other risks.
  5. If the health professional requests the removal of all mechanical restraints (where restraints are identified for escort) during the examination, and prior approval has not already been provided and detailed in [M.04.01 Form.01 Instructions for Escort], the escorting officers must contact site and seek approval from the Principal Corrections Officer (PCO) or manager to removal all restraints. In an emergency prior approval is not required.
  6. If during the escorted appointment a pregnant woman is determined to be in labour by a health professional, mechanical restraints must be removed. Prior approval to do this can be noted on [M.04.01.Form.01 Instructions for Escort]. If prior approval has not been given to remove restraints, staff must advise the PCO or manager of the circumstances that led to the removal of the restraints.
  7. Staff must leave the room following a security check of the area and maintain constant observation of all exits from outside the room. If security concerns are noted the escort IC must notify the PCO or manager and seek advice.