F.04 Prison library services

F.04 Prison library services policy

  1. Prison library services are provided by prison librarians, approved volunteers or approved volunteer organisations, prisoner library assistants, local council library services (e.g. mobile libraries) or a combination.
  2. Prison library services provide, manage and develop educational and recreational resources in a culturally appropriate environment, suitable for each prison site.
  3. Prison library services are provided in a culturally safe environment.
  4. Prison library services support the sentence management needs of prisoners.
  5. Prison library services are responsive to the age, gender, cultural, educational and recreational needs of the prisoners in the prison.
  6. Prison library resources are managed in a way that minimises their damage and loss while maximising their use and access.

F.04 Prison library services rules

  1. Prison library services and systems conform as far as is practicable, with professional library practices in the community.
  2. Prison library services may be supplemented with external information sources to extend the range of material provided, e.g. mobile library services, community library services, inter-library loans and suitable donations.
  3. All categories of prisoners should have regular access to the library services provided by each prison, where practicable.
  4. Each prison library service will have documented procedures specifying prisoner access to the services, hours of operation and lending rules. These procedures will be clearly displayed in the library and published throughout the prison.
  5. Corrections services programme managers will be responsible for the day to day management and oversight of the prison library services and staff, prisoner library assistants and volunteers.
  6. Prison library collections shall not contain any objectionable or offensive material POM F.02 Cell Standards.
  7. Programme managers will source new library books from a nationally preferred supplier when replenishing prison library stock.