F.02 Cell standards

Cell standards criteria

  1. Cell standards apply to all prisoners irrespective of their security classification.
  2. Cells standards are to be maintained at all times to ensure the safety and security of staff and prisoners.

F.02.01 Cell access

  1. Staff are to have access to cells and any locked storage tanks containing prisoner property at all times. Two keys are required for any lock on storage tanks, one with the prisoner and one held by the unit staff.
  2. Staff are to have access at all times without hindrance to all areas of a cell (and any locked storage tanks containing prisoner property at all times).
  3. In the event of a prisoner being put on a misconduct charge and being removed from the cell area, the cell should be locked as soon as is practicable to ensure that property is secured. When the prisoner is not present while cell property is being moved to another location, two staff must receipt the property list.

F.02.02 Cell standards

Prison staff must ensure that prisoners keep cells clean and tidy at all times (POM F.02.Res.01 Hygiene standards), and:

  1. Prisoners only have approved property items that have been issued to them. No property is permitted in the cells without express authorisation (refer property process).
  2. Each prisoner is not permitted to have in the cell (at any time) an excess of nine fruit or fruit-based items, any fruit or fruit-based items in excess of the limit of nine items is unauthorised property.
  3. All property in cells is the responsibility of the prisoner.
  4. Nothing is to be attached to the walls apart from the pin board provided (posters are not permitted on walls).
  5. The observation window is to be unobstructed and accessible for inspection.
  6. No prohibited, or unauthorised items, or items considered to be objectionable (refer POM P.05.02 Prison director’s review of application) are allowed to be in the prisoner's possession or in cells, such as:
    1. pornography (defined as any material depicting genitalia)
    2. overtly violent, objectionable, occult material (where access to such material is deemed to be prejudicial to reducing re-offending)
    3. gang-related or other offensive material
    4. any other material prison staff consider may interfere with the effective management, security and good order of the prison.
  7. Prison staff are to ensure that electrical equipment, wiring and plugs have not been tampered with (the unit PCO may direct any electrical appliance tampered with be removed from the prison).