M.03.08.03 Approved placement assessment

  1. The prison director may approve the request if they consider that placing the child with the mother is in the best interests of the child and is not inconsistent with any court order relating to the child, or any application or proceeding currently before the courts.
  2. Approved placements require the mother to enter into a parenting agreement [M.03.08.Form.02 Parenting agreement].
    Watch Point

    The [M.03.08.Form.02 Parenting Agreement] outlines the partnership between Ara Poutama Aotearoa and the mother.

    This includes the mother’s obligations and responsibilities while residing in the Mothers with Babies Unit (MBU) with their child, and Ara Poutama Aotearoa’s commitment to providing parenting information, education, and support, assisting arrangements for the child to attend necessary health and wellbeing checks, and facilitating the mother’s access to treatment or counselling required to support care for her child.

  3. The prison director will:
    1. Sign [M.03.08.Form.03 Decision for mother with child placement]
    2. Endorse the [M.03.08.Form.02 Parenting agreement]
    3. Forward the forms to the unit PCO or social worker, who will provide copies to the applicant and place the originals in their prisoner file under section D.