M.03.08.12 Transitions out of the Mothers with Babies Unit

  1. Mothers and their children will transition out of the MBU when:
    1. the mother is released from prison with her child, or
    2. the child turns 24 months old and leaves the prison (in which case the mother will return to a mainstream unit), or
    3. the Chief Executive (or delegate) believes it is no longer in the best interest of the child, or
    4. the mother’s responsibilities under the [M.03.08.Form.02 Parenting Agreement] are no longer being met.
  2. Ideally mothers and their children will leave the facility together. In this case standard release procedures apply (see [R.07 Standard release] for more information), noting the addition of ensuring plans for children are accounted for in release planning and activities.
    Watch Point

    If the mother is remand status be mindful that she may be released with short notice (or even time served).

    It is important to plan for this as much as possible to ensure a smooth transition for the mother and child back into the community.

  3. If the child turn 24 months old before the mother is released, separation planning must be led by the mother, her whānau and other key support people, alongside the social worker to identify:
    1. who will provide care for the child in the community and;
    2. how the mother-child bond can be maintained while they are separated.