M.03.08.10 Drug free conditions

  1. All mothers must remain drug free whilst they have their child with them in prison.
  2. Procedures are in place for urine testing for drugs to take place as per standard prison rules (see [S.07 Drug and alcohol testing]). Tests may be administered:
    1. To confirm eligibility for admission as a voluntary participant
    2. under general random mandatory testing arrangements
    3. where the general manager custodial or staff member authorised for the purpose believes on reasonable grounds that the mother has used a drug or consumed alcohol.
  3. A mother is at risk of having her child removed from the unit and her placement reassessed if found guilty at adjudication of either of the following:
    1. a positive urine test result
    2. illegal possession of a controlled drug, utensils associated with drug taking or proven to be supplying drugs.
      Note: This will be at the discretion of the general manager custodial and in this event the child will be placed in the care of an alternative caregiver identified by the prisoner mother on the original application.
  4. A decision to have the mother’s placement reassessed will be made at the discretion of the general manager custodial.
    If the general manager custodial considers that the placement is no longer consistent with the best interest of the child or is inconsistent with any existing or pending court proceeding or order, the general manager custodial may cancel the placement. If this occurs, the child will be placed in the care of the alternative caregiver.
  5. If the mother becomes identified drug user (IDU) status, the usual IDU status procedures will apply (see [S.07.Res.03 IDU status special management]).