M.03.08.05 Chief Executive review of declined placement application

  1. A request to review the decision can be made by the applicant / mother to the Chief Executive using the Complaint process. The review request needs to be made within 14 days of the original decision after the woman has been informed in writing.
  2. The Chief Executive must reconsider the decision against the relevant criteria set out in [section 81A of the Corrections Act 2004] but is not required to repeat the steps set out in [section 81A (4) of the Corrections Act 2004].
  3. The general manager custodial (or delegate) must inform the senior adviser custodial operations within 1 working day of receiving the request.
  4. The senior adviser custodial operations must see the woman within 7 working days.
  5. The decision is not suspended while it is being considered.
    1. The Chief Executive may do the following:
      1. Affirm the decision
      2. Amend the decision
      3. Rescind the decision and substitute with a different decision.
    2. The Chief Executive must:
      1. provide the reasons for the outcome
      2. notify the woman in writing of the outcome.