I.10.09 Review of Support Plan and use of the 'Transgender' alert

  1. The Support Plan is a living document; the PCO is responsible for formally reviewing the Support Plan with the prisoner, and relevant staff, and placing on their file. Note any other discussions between reviews as normal in IOMS Offender notes.
  2. The Support Plan must be noted in the ‘Transgender’ alert comment box, and reviewed:
    1. at least every 3 months; and
    2. when the prisoner is received into a new prison; and
    3. when the prisoner requests it, or a staff member identifies an event-based review is required.
  3. Record all important information from a review in an IOMS offender note and put the new Support Plan on file.
  4. Enter the next formal review date as the review date of the ‘Transgender’ alert for reference by other staff. For example, the first review date will be three months from the date of the prison director’s signature.
    Watch Point

    Specified information (support plan and review dates / preferred name/pronouns / search choice) is included when creating a Transgender alert and updated when required. Only that information is to be entered in the alert comments box.

    Not to be double bunked information pertaining to an individual is be entered into a NTDB alert for the person.

  5. Maintain the ‘Transgender’ alert comment box with the:
    1. prisoner’s preferred name and pronouns (he/him, she/her, they/them)
    2. search choice and date effective / signed (re-enter any change to search choice with this information).
  6. The Support Plan must be reviewed and submitted to the prison director for approval when the prisoner has been received into a new prison.