I.10.02 Reception

  1. As part of the initial reception process, prior to the initial strip search, ask the prisoner whether the information recorded on their warrant, including their sex / gender, is correct.
  2. If the prisoner is trans, give them M.03.05.Form.01 Information for transgender and intersex prisoners and ask if they want to discuss a placement review. POM M.03.05 Transgender and intersex prisoner details this process. This discussion needs to be recorded as detailed in POM M.03.05 Transgender and intersex prisoner.
  3. If they have arrived at a prison which is the same as their gender identity (for example, a male to female trans person arrives at a women’s prison) check the prisoner understands the reasons for their placement and discuss any concerns they may have.
  4. Note and tell them about the support planning process that will be completed within four days and recorded on I.10.Form.02 Support Plan and Information for Trans Prisoners.
  5. Ask the prisoner if they would like to be kept apart from other prisoners until their Support Plan is completed, or a risk posed by or to the prisoner is identified, and follow normal segregation procedures.
  6. Enter the ‘Transgender’ alert in IOMS and record relevant information in the comment box.