I.10.06 Name and pronouns

  1. Ask them what their preferred name and preferred pronouns are (she/her, he/him, they/their and others). Use the preferred name and pronouns in all communications and interactions, including in offender notes, offender plans and reports.
  2. If the prisoner’s preferred name is different to the name on their warrant, and therefore different to the name that appears for them on IOMS, advise them that they can change their name legally and, if requested, provide them with the information from here:
    1. If the prisoner changes their name legally, advise them they can write to the Police with the verifying documentation to request their name is changed in IOMS, or
    2. if their preferred name is listed as an alias in IOMS, use this as their ‘Master’ name.
  3. Enter the preferred name as text in their ‘Transgender’ IOMS alert comment box so other staff are aware of their name, even if they do not choose to legally change it or it is not changed in IOMS.