I.10.03 Initial personal searches

  1. If the prisoner identifies as trans, discuss what gender of officer they prefer to conduct rub down and strip searches and complete the I.10.Form.01 Confirmation of search choice for trans prisoners.
  2. The prisoner’s search choice must then be followed; advise the prisoner this does not allow them to choose the staff members who search them. They can complete the form again on request if they change their mind at any time or after a current search or drug test has been completed.
  3. If the prisoner refuses to select a search preference they must be searched in line with their gender identity (e.g. a male to female trans woman must be searched by female officers).
  4. Any physical differences presented by a trans prisoner must be responded to in a professional and respectful manner, the same as any physical differences due to disability, injury or other reason. If you are unsure how to search a trans prisoner, request additional training and support from your principal corrections officer (PCO) or residential manager.
  5. The prisoner may be wearing items to assist them to present in their identified gender. Ask them to remove any items such as prosthetic, chest binders and tape to enable the skin underneath to be seen. Search the removed items as any other item of clothing is searched. Provide sufficient time and privacy for them to replace the items.
  6. Address any disruptive, offensive or abusive language or behaviour by a trans prisoner towards you during a search as you would any other prisoner behaving in the same way.