I.10.01 Principles of management

  1. This document provides guidance for you as prison staff about managing trans prisoners.
  2. Being trans is not a lifestyle and is not a choice. A person’s ability to identify with a particular gender, or no gender, must be respected.
  3. The principles of the guidance are that trans people in prison are managed in a way which:
    1. is individualised
    2. seeks to preserve their dignity, safety and privacy
    3. enables the maintenance of a person’s gender identity
    4. is not dependent on the gender of person the prison usually houses.
  4. Trans prisoner’s management will not depend on whether they have legal recognition of their gender identity or whether they have undergone medical steps, such as hormone treatment, or surgical steps.
  5. The processes in this guidance are triggered when you become aware that a prisoner identifies as trans or if a prisoner’s gender identity is unclear on initial reception.